Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Los Corazones De Frida

In following up to my previous post on the Etsy Spanglish Team/ Etsy Owls challenge, looking for items inspired by Frida Kahlo in commemoration of her 102nd anniversary, I have completed my piece for the challenge. I am happy to say it is exactly what I hoped to achieve and I feel reflects both the passion behind Frida Kahlo's devastatingly beautiful self portrait of the The Two Fridas and balances two different looks that I feel are very complimentary but come from varied inspirations, tastes, and experiences that I contribute to Piruli Jewelry.

Representing the traditional Frida, is the left knotted cord with irredescent deep yellow mother of pearl petals and lapis lazuli beads wire wrapped to the cord with 12k goldfill headpins. Near the top of the necklace is a half round 12k goldfill wire braided into the cord. On the left are the two chains heavily inspired by the european style white dress worn by the then-present-day Frida, no longer representing one tradition, but represented extravagent outspoken expression and the personal metamorphoses resulting in loss of Diego's love.

Two chains, chosen to gently exceed balance with the heavy presence of the traditional cord part, are wire wrapped with delicate creamy lemon colored Aragonite, round deep blood red garnets, faceted barrel opal-like Agate, and golden, highly reflective Swarovski crystals, and are joined together by one of the faceted Agate beads. Joining the two Fridas are their hands and their beating hearts, and to reflect this, both sides come together with two large faceted rondelle rubies, one on sterling silver wire and one on 12k goldfill wire.

This was a great experience and look for further inspiration through the life and works of Frida Kahlo. The necklace will be added to the website July 3rd, I will provide more information on voting next week.

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