Monday, June 29, 2009

Enemy Territory?

I have to say, and its hard to say this having yet to attend the new Yankee Stadium, Citifield is pretty amazing. It is everything that I need in a stadium, and I am very happy to be a new neighbor. I think I should have visited home territory first.

The food is excellent and affordable, the layout is fun and intimate, the view is breathtaking from any angle, any seat. With that said, I have never seen such a sad sack of saps in my life! I understand, that ugly, ugly word, sweep, not a word any fan wants to hear uttered once committed against their team. And Mets fans do not want to see their stadium taken over (oh as it was last night, not sorry!) by Yankees fans waiting for their team to make history away-but-yet-oh-so-close-to home. So when I see a fight that could have ended with serious, serious injury by the railing in left field, all I have to say is, STOP. Its just a game, why fuel such a frivolous rivalry amongst neighbors in the greatest city on Earth? Sit back and enjoy your new, fabulous stadium. I will be happy to finally enjoy the new bronx palace, as soon as I can afford to. Does Yankee stadium have a Zagat rating yet?

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