Sunday, December 28, 2008

This Is Why I Love Etsy

I am always drawn to unique and original jewelry designers, which is why I love From funky to dainty, from extravagant to minimalist designs, I have always found something to love on Etsy. I have begun to follow the work of some designers and am happy to see designer friends of mine finding success through selling their art and being apart of this community of artisans.

So today, as I looked at earrings and pendants, I came across LuxeDeluxe and this beautiful necklace. The porcelain flower with gold trim set on brass filigree looks elegant set with pink dyed Jade beading, set on such a prominent but not overpowering chain. The beads remind me of coral, which I love but never really looks good with my skin tone. The color and texture of the Jade beading looks more classic and soft than coral beading. I am a lover and fan of many luxury designers, but what I love more than anything else is finding a piece of art that won't break the bank ($39!!) and gives me the feel of luxury for less. This is why I love Etsy.

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