Friday, December 26, 2008

200H8R's Unite!

"Good Riddance to 2008"...

I hear it everywhere, from the Streets of Wall, to the many bars full of believers and hopeful victims of a vicious year waiting for change. This country's turmoil has lead to many lives being completely thrown off and rearranged. Sometimes we must witness the worst in order to appreciate the best.

So for those looking for a new job, trying to maintain their life and home, praying for health, needing love in their life, waiting for positive experiences, searching for peace, this New Year should be a year of triumph, change, progress, absolution, resolution, inspiration, and love. Take it, give it, spread it, help yourself, help others, keep your head up, forge ahead and look forward to a brighter day. Its always what we make of it.

As far as NYE is concerned, I will be attending my own 200H8R's Ball, with my very own 2008 piñata, drinkin' Girlie Martinis, and blowing kisses in the sky, waving 2008 good bye!

While you wait for 2009, rock out to some Red Hot Chili Pipers and Auld Lang Syne:

HAPPY 2009!

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