Tuesday, November 25, 2008

My Curse

I have a strong habit of repetition. Family members and significant others will attest to the testing of their ears by my inability to listen to a song I obsess over, just once- a day, at least. I have to hear the song over and over again, as if I don't want to miss any part of its many layers, or I want to keep feeling my reaction to the song over and over again, let it remind me I'm alive even... Any music lover will understand the body and soul connection that can happen with lyrics, a guitar solo, or a momentous finish in a song. These obsessions sometimes happen with songs I've never heard, but mostly with songs I consciously dismissed in the past and somehow have learned something new about through my own discovery/rediscovery. So why not start by talking about the latest obsession.

I won't say I am the biggest Afghan Whigs fan by any means, I've heard 'em and they are good. However, the song I love most features lead singer Marcy Mays from Scrawl and is found on their most popular release Gentleman. Chillingly erotic and painfully seductive, her voice, being the strongest ingredient next to the lyrics, sings of an honest and tragic obsession creating a vulnerable sound with breaks of straight strength like her vocal punctuation of "blood on my teeth". This is the voice that led me into becoming a huge fan of Brian Molko's voice and Placebo.

My Curse - The Afghan Whigs

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