Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Hanna Barbera Presents- Top Rock - 80's Pop & Rock Hits

My dad purchased a video tape for me and my sister of various Hanna Barbera classics set to current 80's hits which I played incessantly. I had a wonderful habit of playing the same tapes over and over again constantly, so maybe this was a way to throw something into the mix my parents could stand hearing three times a day or more. There was Hall & Oates set to clips from a Flintstones episode, or Rockwell set to Scooby Doo. It became my favorite tape and remains so till this day. However, such things fall into obscurity so easily, and as fate would have it, it was recorded over some years later very much to my dismay. Even as a teenager I longed to find another copy of this tape to bring me some comfort through the more trying adventures of adolescence.

I've spent so many years looking for this video, or even a mention of it, as some of these songs and the memory of what excitement filled my little body each time I hit play, became very special to me over the years. I actually began to feel as if I was the only one who knew of its existence, because there was no mention of it at all, and maybe it was as obscure upon its release? I've learned many times to keep looking for things near to one's heart that have faded or disappeared, as I never know what fate has in store, or what correct words in a Google search will yield a different result. And at long last, with many sudden tears of joy, I have found something I can reference! Thanks YOUTUBE! At last there is hope that I can share this with my children one day. It is also pretty amazing and comforting to see how many others experienced this as children, have gone through a similar search and hold it in as high regard.

Below is one of the best clips from this video. This song became my favorite Stevie Wonder song, just because of this tape and this more obscure Hanna Barbera animation. Not all is always lost forever.

(Daddy, do you remember this? OF COURSE YOU DO, lol!!!)

UPDATE, 2010: The video was removed when the cool Youtuber that had the video closed their account (in unison, BOOOOOOOO...) probably due to copyright BS, (who is losing a profit on that?)
So, from Country Rock...

UPDATE, 12.2011: Just saw that comment below!!! Its back, my favorite video of all!! Stevie Wonder - Whereabouts!

This article has become a tremendous resource, thanks to all contributions via comments below, make sure to read on!! -Lainey


  1. Glad you found this again! :) Can't wait for a drunken night in to watch the whole thing.

  2. WOW!! Someone who shares my love for this video! My father also purchased this tape for me when I was a kid and I played it over, and over, and over till it broke! I have been looking for many years for a copy of this and can't wait to secure one for myself to enjoy again! I was surprised to find someone else who shared my love of this.

  3. So amazing that you have this posted. I couldn't tell you how many years I have been searching for this particular video. Even finding the song was nearly impossible for me, or so it seemed. I would be lying if I said I didn't shed a tear when I read your page. Thank you so much. I completely empathize with your every thought. I hope to find a copy of the video tape and purchase it. Finding it burned to DVD wouldn't be the same. I play the tape so many times that it eventually wore out and had to be thrown away. I was very upset to say the least. Again, thank you SO much!

  4. I still have my tape of "Top Rock," but I think it's too far gone to ever play again. I LOVED this tape, and it's great that at least a few of them are on YouTube.

    Here is the track list (I may have left something out:

    Ghostbusters - Ray Parker Jr.
    All Night Long - Lionel Ritchie
    Stayin Alive - Bee Gees
    Somebody's Watching Me - Rockwell

    Don't Try to Stop It - Roman Holiday
    You Make My Dreams Come True - Hall & Oates
    Whereabouts - Stevie Wonder
    Freeway of Love - Aretha Franklin

  5. I love how you have found my post, it really was a great concept for a video for children, I miss my tape so dearly!

  6. I went trying to find information about "Top Rock" and your blog is about the only useful thing that came up.

    Did I get all the songs right?

  7. If I am not mistaken, that is all of the songs from the tape... there were two others made, one which was a compilation of country songs. I will see if I can find a difinitive list.

  8. Fantastic! A friend just found the VHS for me for my 31st birthday!

  9. Anonymous I am jealous! I need to convert it to DVD...however if you do first, let us know!!

  10. I found this on Amazon for 7.99 euros. only in VHS format. This is the most amazing set of cartoon music videos I've seen in my life. I think we wore this tape out when I was around 7-8.

  11. what was the name of the cartoon whereabouts was played to?

  12. Brittany, from what I recall, the footage is from a movie that HB never released and ended up using on this particular video... at least that's the info I found when I had searched endlessly to find the movie/series to watch.

    If anyone ends up ripping this awesome tape into into a digital copy on their comp... please do share, would be much appreciated! I have yet to get myself a copy, but if I do it first, then I'll be sure to share. =) I had seen it on ebay once, the original tape as well as a dvd copy the provider was offering, it was from Germany and yeah... it was gone before I could get it. =(

    Brian, thank you for the list! =)

  13. Ohhh, someone on youtube by the name of KhanadaRhodes uploaded all the videos!!

    Here they are below:

    Lionel Richie: All Night Long (HBTV) [1/10]

    Ray Parker, Jr.: Ghostbusters (HBTV) [2/10]

    Bee Gees: Stayin' Alive (HBTV) [3/10]

    The Police: Every Breath You Take (HBTV) [4/10]

    Roman Holliday: Don't Try To Stop It (HBTV) [5/10]

    Rockwell: Somebody's Watching Me (HBTV) [6/10]

    Hall & Oates: You Make My Dreams (HBTV) [7/10]

    Huey Lewis & The News: You Crack Me Up (HBTV) [8/10]
    blocked in my country =( can anyone else see it?

    Stevie Wonder: Whereabouts (HBTV) [9/10]

    Aretha Franklin: Freeway Of Love (HBTV) [10/10]

    I think for the time being, I'll rip the videos from youtube to save for myself. I wish I could get the 8th video working though! I'll have to search around and find that somehow to rip.

  14. This is the best, I love that so many people have found this article!! It has become a great resource thanks to everyone who has contributed!

    Happy Holidays Everyone!

  15. This is so crazy. I still have my video to

  16. Don't expect any of this to be released on DVD because of the nature of all the songs used.


  17. I had this too - no idea why it recently came into my head perhaps 25 years after I had it lol - but here's a link to amazon where you could once again own it. hope it helps :) http://www.amazon.co.uk/Top-Rock-Barbera-Stevie-Wonder/dp/B000NES2YO