Sunday, March 11, 2012

Vino - Heads Up

My two latest favorites in the wine realm have interesting names, and one would believe, from their very different websites, that they were totally unrelated (?) but they are both completely satisfying reds that while satisfying a different taste and appeal, there is a richness to each type that deserves a wide audience.

Authentic Red
 I found out from my local wine vendor that this had become his most popular wine and now, favorite recommendation.  Under $11 a bottle, this touch of sweet yet spicy bold red wine accomplished exactly what I sought from a blend.  I have grown an immense appreciation for red blends because I do not think my palate seeks what one type of grape can accomplish, I appreciate the mix of tart, sweet, bold, oaky, rich, fruity, and spice.  This is my perfect idea of a wine that can be enjoyed everyday, used for Sangria, enjoyed slightly chilled or room temperature.

One of the first types of red that I grew an appreciation for was the Syrah or Shiraz. Its blended boldness was what led me to appreciate Chianti later on.  I come back to the world of Shiraz as I found a perfect representation of the Shiraz, that spicy bold slightly tart and slightly oaky wine I first fell in love with.  It is hard to say if I like one over the other, as the Gnarly Head is definitely something that can be enjoyed with frequency, but the Toasted Head is definitely the kind of wine I like to savor, the spice notes are unique and the bold tart nature of this wine would be more appreciated in lighter rotation, like a fine cigar (or with a fine cigar!)

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