Saturday, February 11, 2012

Sunset : Whitney Houston

I mimicked your every turn, note, breath, pause, in hopes of mastering your songs even remotely close to your mastery.  Through you I became a better singer. I dreamt of becoming a singer, having your poise and grace, and your intense control and fluidity.  I dreamt that I would meet you and be able to share with you how much I enjoyed your music and how much your voice impacted my determination to sing with strength and emotion, sounding as effortless and as angelic.

Life takes us to unexpected places, sometimes dark and treacherous, and although I can't imagine the breadth of difficulty you faced, I always hoped with hands clenched tightly that you would find your peace with us on earth, find your way to sing again, even if not perfect, but find the beauty in sharing your gift.  You leave us a tremendous gift that can be shared forever, and countless performers were born from your presence and music.  That I do not consider a waste of life.  You lived a full life in a short span, and all I can hope for is that you somehow know how much you were cherished, and hope you are resting in loving peace.

Now, to play what became one of my favorite songs of yours, which came later in your career, an album I wholeheartedly admired and felt had more of your own soul within it.  I cherish these lyrics and how you sang them everyday, as I will cherish all of your contributions to this lifetime.

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