Saturday, September 4, 2010

My Aromatherapy 101

For as long as I can remember, the quickest recall of lost and forgotten memories is quickly channeled through my sense of smell. I noticed over the years I have grown immensely fond of certain types of smell, immediately noticing improvements in mood, extra pep in my day or just instant chill-out.

Some of my favorite recollections through smell are commonly from childhood. This sweetly toxic smell always reappears walking on piers and boardwalks, sometimes the subway and certain brands of crayon. It recalls fond and unusually early memories of Seaside Heights, New Jersey. Traces of wood and salt mixing with the sand create this unique scent. My family frequented Seaside for group trips in a hotel across the street from Seaside Height's original log flume, where I ran with my father and sister to jump on as many times as possible, even though I hated rides with steep inclines. The little house where we awaited our little log had quirky mechanisms and is where I mostly remember finding this scent. I love to revisit Seaside, where the token slot machines still exist, beginning my little fixation at the ripe old age of 5 with gambling. Somehow the skyride or the "ski" lift still exists, which takes you from beginning to end of the boardwalk. Although the original flume is gone, traces still exist, as does this intoxicating, yet strange-that-I-enjoy-it scent.

I hold coconut as a truly favorite scent. Recalling the various dishes my greatgrandmother made in the house always called for hours of shredding the nut. Despite the child labor, the various treats still exite me. Not to mention, Coco Lopez brought a similar excitement at Christmas time... Coquito!! It is also my favorite smell when sunbathing, as all of my beach gear ends up covered in Hawaiian Tropic, (which has slightly changed their scent, I have noticed) which always reminds me of my favorite car, the car seats constantly soaked with the combination scent of the oil and my favorite parfum, Blue by Ralph Lauren. Coconut blends so well with everything!

As for my latest fixation, thanks to Anthropologie, is the candle scent I found almost exactly matches the ethereal scent floating through the Palazzo/Venetian hotels in Vegas. I have yet to find another scent that is so mind altering and peace nurturing. Titled 'Desert Dunes' by Illume, the unique scent releases sensuous hints of jasmin, lavender, cocoa butter, with maybe even a tiny hint of musk oil. A flick of a bic away from absolute relaxation in a tin.

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