Tuesday, February 2, 2010

3-2-1 Jello, Oh How I Miss Thee

I figured that someone would have found or figured out the recipe to one of my favorite childhood desserts. Although I wish I could find a picture of this Jello product, the idea is simple. This version of Jello would set into three layers, the first two being a mousse consistency, and the last being the jello layer. Apparently this recipe works with any packet of jello, but will I be victorious and be able to replicate the magic of 3-2-1 Jello?

From Boston-Baden.com
"After adding the boiling water, the mixture was blended for 30 seconds, then blended at high speed for 1 minute, then add a cup of ice water and blend on high for 1 more minute. You fill each glass HALF FULL, then refill the glasses completely in the same order. It 'automatically' separates into 3 layers upon chilling. Basically they call this gelatin with 2 toppings (on the box). Molding this product is NOT recommended."

Let's see if this works! Their Sherbert 1-2-3 recipe also looks fantastic.

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