Friday, October 23, 2009


We all knew him as Soupy Sales, and I knew him through my father's stories of watching the Soupy Sales Show as a kid. I still laugh thinking of my father's imitations of Fang. Then one day I heard Soupy Sales impression of Fang in person.

I worked for Sam Goody on 60th and 3rd ave. in New York City for almost three years, starting in 1998. During that time a gaggle of celebrities shopped our store. I didn't recognize Soupy Sales on the day he first entered the store, one of my managers made a case that it was him and we asked. A sweet and gentle being, he responded, and I called my father excited. "You would never guess who was in the store today... no... guess!.... (impression of Fang)...YEAH! REALLY!"

He returned a few times to the store, I imagined it was part of his morning/afternoon stroll around the neighborhood. I had my cellphone ready to call my father waiting for him to return again, after I purchased Soupy Sales biography as a Christmas gift for him that year. Sure enough he did, and yes, he mumbled like Fang for my father by phone. He was delightful company and I hope he enjoyed visiting and speaking with us as well. My thoughts and prayers are with his family and friends as he has left us all with wonderful memories.

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