Thursday, September 10, 2009

Forum: More Ideas for Shopping/Selling Eco-Friendly...

I was recently asked to contribute to Etsy Spanglish Team member BululuStudio's Blog so I decided to write about 5 ways to Shop Eco-Friendly on Etsy... I came up with five ways easily from my past experiences working and shopping with eco-conscious companies. With that said I am aware I left out a few key elements and I wanted to bring the discussion to an Etsy forum.

Do you have items that are contributing towards a healthier environment? Know of ways that shoppers and sellers can become more conscious of how their purchases/sales affect or help the environment? Etsy shoppers, do you have recommendations for what you want to see more of from sellers?

Since I have posted this in the promotions section of the Forums, I would also love to see eco-friendly shops promote their wares! Come join the discussion here.


  1. That is a excellent way to check others people opinion... nice job.

  2. Thanks :) trying to get the conversation started was pretty tough.