Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Sagittarian Packing/Unpacking

I've moved quite a bit over the last ten years, so why packing and unpacking is still a mystery to me is because I was born under the sign of Sagittarius. I am convinced that all Sagittarius are born with at least a mild case of ADD, as we are painted as impatient, fanatical, argumentative and hotheaded, indulgent, uncommitted, fears any responsibility that curtails freedom and fails to plan adequately.

So this time I tried a bit harder to beat out my severe ADD, and I think that packing was easy this time. Of course I took a lot of breaks in between and had to concentrate my mind on one room at a time (at one point i fell asleep on the floor with my head on my puppy Piruli's bed) however, now I am faced with a greater challenge. I am alone, in a big house, with each room filled with items waiting to be released from their cardboard prisons. I tried the same approach; pick a room, stay there, Alaina, stay.... stay, DON'T SIT DOWN! Wait! you were almost done with the kitchen! aaand now shes in the bedroom. Ugh.... Now there are many half unpacked boxes.

Today, with two more boxes to go, I might just finish the kitchen! Even without running to the car to escape the mountains of cardboard for an hour, hiding in Barnes & Noble! Although I like frequent change of scenery, I do wish I had more patience and time management skills to tackle this in a faster rate, because one half of me is impatient and wants it done, and the other half shuts down when overwhelmed. This is not good behavior for a nomad as myself (family tradition! lol). I think I'm just going to sit down for a while at the computer...

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