Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Spanglish Team Frida Kahlo Challenge

And so I have decided to enter an Etsy Team challenge, I couldn't resist this one. The Etsy Spanglish Team and Etsy Owls have thrown out a wonderful challenge and opportunity to create a unique piece to commemorate the 102nd anniversary of Frida Kahlo, and team participants will be displaying their work from July 3rd to July 5th. I am participating in the challenge based on one of my favorite of Frida's self portraits, The Two Fridas, as pictured above.

I chose this piece for the challenge to attempt reflecting the duality of a a Personality, the former which is traditional, acceptable and loved as is, while the other reflects the stoic independant formed from life's tribulations, depicted severing ties to a love that only accepted the former version of herself. Conveying this through jewelry will concentrate on unifying two different looks, as most of my pieces reflect different sides of my own personality, this piece will merge two different styles connecting, marrying the traditional more rugged country look with delicately beaded sophisticated chains. Pictures coming soon.

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