Sunday, June 14, 2009

Holy Vegas!

Curmudgeon Detox
For some dumb reason I thought I would only have maybe a half decent time in Vegas, what is wrong with me? I've realized a few things. I realized that I really have to try to stop second guessing everyone when they think they know what I like. I realized how moody I've become with age. I realized I need to cut the self inflicted dullness and enjoy every possible thing I can. I also realized just how much Atlantic City would never become the Las Vegas of the east coast. Hello Vegas! Screw the boardwalk, when I can walk the streets with a 50 oz. Drink bong looking thing in hand! Somehow I let 24 hour news stations make me think Vegas would be a barren wasteland of barely functioning mega casinos, desperately trying to succeed with tourism down 30% or more on any given weekend. O.K! sure its slow during the week, but slow in Vegas equals a day of infestation of the masses in Atlantic City. I really enjoyed being there during the week and not being overwhelmed by the impending doom awaiting friday evening. And the view? The mountains surrounding this fantastic "meadow" are breathtaking. I felt better within 10 seconds of landing.
Ante Up
I have to say the Monte Carlo was not too shabby, not too shabby at all. With a fine, elegant lobby, fun shopping, 24 hour fast food and comfortable hotel rooms its totally worth a return stay. However, the pool was my favorite attraction. Luckily we arrived on a less than normal week weather wise. The temps averaged 85, perfect for some tanning by the pools. To my surprise I had a pool, lazy river, and wave pool to chose from. Props to the DJ for the most awesome set of songs that usually wouldn't go together well on a normal playlist. And to satisfy my slight enjoyment in the terror of other beings, watching the New York New York roller coaster from my room with blood curdling screams running more often than the weather on an AM station, was quite fun. Quite fun indeed.
Now for the Casino part, which I have to say might have been my favorite over all the other casinos on the strip. I enjoyed the selection of games at the Monte Carlo, I enjoyed the S_P_A_C_E, and I enjoyed the LOW MINIMUMS ON TABLES, YOU HEAR THAT A.C.?? I PLAYED ON A WEEKEND, AND I COULD AFFORD TO, IT WAS FUN. Ok, sorry had to get that out. My second favorite casino was at the Stratosphere, just cause it was big and was a teensy weensy nicer to me payout wise. All of the casinos had nice layouts for their machines and tables, the Sahara still had its old Las Vegas charm.
Old Vegas at its Best
The Fremont St. Experience featured all the old but goodie casinos and FREE incredible shows; sky shows on the half hour, and a Summer of 69 tribute full of impersonators and cover bands. The sky shows run on the canopy running down Fremont St. and, wouldn't you know, I got to see KISS play Lick It Up with video clips, crazy graphics, and explosions. Oh, I am not kidding. Lick It Up. Yep.
Standing on the Edge of the Hoover Dam
Looking towards the mountains made us want a car very, very badly. Who knew we'd get a fabulous upgrade to a non super gas guzzling pick up truck? I got to cross a time zone for a half hour and reenact as many scenes from Fools Rush In as possible. TRAMBIO! I've never seen such cool desert, red rocks and river water in my life. They're building this new bridge (looking like something out of Star Wars or Dune) going over the dam which is awesome and scary as hell when you can see how the pillars holding up the bridge look from the bottom.
Leaving Las Vegas
Having to leave was tougher than I could imagine. We did a lot in a few days, like visiting the Stratosphere, checking out the beautiful Lake Meade, watching the gondola rides at the Venetian and the volcano show at the Mirage. I've heard former New York residents living in LV tell me "I love it here" and now I can totally see why. I loved the weather ( I can do 110ºf, easy) and the people were super nice, everywhere. So what if its considered Sin City? Everyone respects their freedoms. The only time I saw a fight, was after arriving in JFK. Hey A.C.? forget about the boardwalk, you're just a city of walls, and so greedy that I think I'll save my money for return trip to Vegas instead, unless your open container laws dissappear and your main strip becomes extremely walkable and entertaining to the masses, and while you're at it, make the beach more fun. You have an ocean, use it.

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