Monday, May 18, 2009

Its Too Easy

... to hate rather than love. Love comes with a sensitivity so many are scared to allow for, and this very fear can produce hate. Love requires knowledge, while true hate breeds in the deepest ignorance, or half-acquired lazy understanding of a one-sided story. Some say there is passion in hate, and fiery rage in love, and are mistaken. Anger and lust are easily created sparks that are known to breed hate and have nothing to do with love and passion.

... to be grudging than forgiving. What element of positive change and healing comes from grudging those who have made mistakes, or have sought intent to harm? Again, forgiveness takes the strength required to love, as for those who have made mistakes may never learn a lesson, but what are we to learn of ourselves by holding onto overwhelming tons of luggage, wearing us down even when we think we have forgotten or have moved on? When might it be one's own turn to afford a chance to learn the benefit of forgiveness? Not everyone deserves one's patience or time, but only those whose turn it is to forgive suffocate at the hands of a grudge.

... to blame others instead of ourselves. A true learned expensive behavior, hard to shake and genuinely human, our eyes naturally lead us outward making it easier to attribute those we see around us with the perceived wrongs and errors in our lives. Too many are snagged on the jagged fences lining our life's path, focusing too long on who or what is responsible for leading them to their place on this path while so few create their own path. Some look to others to make their path, and are either disappointed in the results or resent the hands they put their very precious lives in; some blame others for not being provided tools to forge a new path and give up, while few use their bare hands to make way and soak up every valuable lesson taught along the way. Yes, we were all someone's responsibility at one point in life, and it is so easy to attribute all the wrongs in ones life to this beginning, but where is the true satisfaction of a life well spent if so much time is wasted on a blame game?

Its just too easy not being responsible, harmonious, caring, positive, respectful, encouraging, admirable, educated, and a loving Human Being. I have yet to wholly and fully achieve these qualities , but it is a goal that was never supposed to be easy.


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